Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wheat Grass

Hey Guys

Well I finally grew some wheat grass and I will have some pics for you tomorrow - Man has the winter kicked my butt, I had no clue what to expect and trying to stay as much raw as i could has been hard. Well explain more in upcoming post.
okay the picture has just 2 jars of my wheatgrass (2 oz wheatgrass and 22 oz coconutwater)



  1. Hi Dennis, hope you'll post soon. Blessings on your continued journey! love, cindy

  2. I just love how bright green wheat grass juice is. Keep up the great blog and stay healthy!

    James Reno

  3. Nice wheatgrass! been craving that stuff lately! Thought I'd pop in & see if you're blogging again, your last post said that you'ld come back & come blog again! I wanna know how you're doing!!!