Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 11th

Hello Everyone,

As I was reading other blogs and websites about raw foods I came across one that answered some questions that I run into weekly and I wanted to share them with you.

1) What is meant by raw food?
Raw refers to food that is unprocessed, unrefined and not exposed to heat over 116 degrees, which kills the enzymes and nutrients. It is composed of fresh fruit and vegetables along with nuts and seeds.

2) What are some of the benefits of a raw lifestyle
You experience increased energy, mental clarity, weight normalization, and superior health. Your body was designed to heal itself and fight off disease. When you provide your body with proper nutrients it has the ability to do this.

3) What no meat? Where do you get your protein
Fruits and vegetables actually contain at least 15% protein. Protein can also be found in seeds, nuts, green and sprouts. When protein is eaten raw your body doesn't need as much protein.

4) Do you have to be 100% raw?
NO no no!!!! - If you are new to raw food I would recommend going between 51% and 80% raw. Angela Stokes for the first 2 years was not 100% raw.

October 4th

I was lucky to be able to see Matt and Angela on September 28,2009 when they came to our meet up group in Biloxi, MS. Matt was very informative about the raw food lifestyle.
But it was Angela that stole the show~ She was simply awesome. I loved her spirit and her story is an inspiration to me.