Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4th

I was lucky to be able to see Matt and Angela on September 28,2009 when they came to our meet up group in Biloxi, MS. Matt was very informative about the raw food lifestyle.
But it was Angela that stole the show~ She was simply awesome. I loved her spirit and her story is an inspiration to me.


  1. Dennis that must have been awesome to meet them. Did they have any tips you would like to pass on?

  2. Oh, love that photo with you and Angela! :) yay!


  3. Such an honor to meet them. I admire how Matt is making the effort to show Angela as much of the USA as possible with all their talks before they move to (?) Ecuador. She does steal the show! And yes she's a gracious spirit who is livin' the dream and infecting the rest of us with her story, her conviction, her wisdom and her personality. So glad you met them!! And thanks for stopping by my page at the RFR.